High mountains, large and small mountain lakes, steppes and deserts. Central Asia has very different natural areas that we will explore with you on foot, by car and by train. In doing so, we will inevitably enter areas which are as yet little developed from an alpine and from a touristic point of view. You will experience wonderful moments with all your senses, but participants need to have robust stamina, also because standards do not always correspond to European standards. Sweat and effort are an element of trekking but DOCA trekking is not like competitive sport!: We stop in the famous oases of Central Asia and make relaxing tours of Samarkand, Bukhara or Khiva.


Forgotten oases

Uzbekistan natural landscape is very diversified and with its mountains, rivers and the great desert regions very rich in contrast. On this trip, you will also visit remote villages of the country and have the opportunity to discover forgotten oases during your walking tours.

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Mountain and oasis flowers

Uzbekistan enjoys a very diversified fauna and flora. This walking tour gives you the opportunity to experience and admire at first hand the green valleys, the sand desert with its saxaul shrubs, the steppes with their lilac-coloured tamarisk trees and the picturesque mountains.

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