The word Nawruz is originally Persian and means «New Day». Nawruz is celebrated all over the Orient on 21 March as the old, traditional Spring – and thus New Year’s – Festival. This Festival was founded by the Iranian ruler Jamschid who declared Zoroastrism as the State religion in Iran and Central Asia. The «Nawruz – the New Year’s Festival of the Orient»-trip takes you to the very old roots of the region which reach far beyond Uzbekistan and represent a profound, old culture – together with much food and drink. You will get to know all this during your trip. Travel with us, we will show you the cultural richness of the region and lead you with competence and joy through our homeland!

1 NAWRUZ (Small)

Stops on your tour: Tashkent – Urgench – Khiva – Bukhara – Samarkand – Shahrisabz – Tashkent

Duration of the trip: 8 days / 7 nights

Travel period: March – April

Accommodation: Hotels BB/ 3-4 *

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1st day: Early arrival in Tashkent (b)

Your tour guide will meet you at Taschkent International Airport and bring you to your hotel.In the old town, you will visit the Hasti Imam Complex. On the large square are the Tilla Sheich Mosque, the Barakkhan Medrasa and the Mausoleum Kaffal Shashi as a sign of Taschkent from the time when the town was the center of the great developmnt of Islamic culture and religion. The oldest version of the Koran is kept in the library of the medrasa.Then you will go to the Bazaar «Tschorsu», which was already known in the Middle Ages and which lay at the crossroads of the caravan processions of the Great Silk Road. You will notice the festive atmosphere everywhere. In the bazaars in Uzbekistan, Spring foods are sold at this time. You can see Sumalak (Sumalak is made from wheat, flour and water. The wheat is left to grow for a week in a warm room, then it is cut into small pieces and put through a meat-grinder. The juice from the wheat is mixed with flour and then cooked for more than 12 hours in a large cauldron, until it turns brown Then it is covered with a large cloth for another 12 hours and left in the cauldron without stirring. To make Sumalak properly takes about 24 hours. Finished Sumalak looks like chocolate pudding.In the afternoon, you will walk through modern Taschkent and on the way visit Independence Square with the Mourning Mother Complex and the Alischer Navoi Opera House and then walk to the Amir Timur Park.Tody’s included meals are breakfast and dinner (in a snug town restaurant)

2nd day: Tashkent – Urgench – Chiwa (b, d)

After an early breakfast, transfer to the airport. Arrival in Urgench and continuation to Khiva. Check-in at hotel.Then you will visit Itschan-Kala («the inner town citadel»). It is one of the few remaining places in Central Asia where one can still imagine what life was like in Khan’s time. The famous buildings of Central Asia, which have long become a symbol, are to be found in Itschan-Kala: Mohammed-Amin-Khan Madrasa and Kalta Minar (the short minaret), Islam Khodja Minaret, the Juma Mosque (Friday mosque), which was originally built as a Zoroastric temple. During the Nawruz period, the locas visit their relations and friends or they go on excursions together and take part in different contests.  Today’s included meals are breakfast and dinner (in a local restaurant in the citadel)

3rd day: Khiva – Urgench – Bukhara (b, p, d)

Today we will go to Bukhara, travelling about 480 km through the semi-desert Kizil-Kum («red sand» – desert) and steppes to Bukhara. On the way, Picnic in an Uzbek «roadhouse» – tearoom. Spring weather in the desert is very pleasant. When the desert sky is cloudy, it looks mystic and wonderful. In this period, the desert comes alive.Arrival in Bukhara and check-in to hotel. In the early evening you have time to explore the old town.

Today’s included meals are breakfast and dinner (in a fine town restaurant).

4th day: Bukhara (b, d)

We start our sightseeing with the mausoleum of Ismail Samani, the Tschaschmai-Ayub Mausoleum. Then we explore the town on foot. Buchoroi sharif (noble Bukhara) is a town with imposing market dome buildings and active mosques. Bukhara is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.Besides Sumalak, during Nawruz many other national dishes are prepared such as Halisa (lamb or beef and wheat cooked for about 10 hours in water). You will feel you are in the world of the Tales of 1001 Nights, and the fact that nowadays in the mosques and Madrasas such as the Miri Arab and Minaret and Mosque Kalon they still teach and learn, is truly amazing. You can still admire the «classic» architecture complexes Lyabi Hauz with trading domes and several mosques, Madrasas and the dervish monastery Chanaka in the inner town center, and will then understand the term «noble».En route we will also visit market dome buildings such Toqi Zargaron, Toqi Telpakfuruschon and Toqi Saraffon.Today’s included meals are breakfast and dinner (in a restaurant in the old town with a view towards the sunset).

5th day: Bukhara – Khartang – Samarkand (b, d)

The caravans go on. The next stop is the fairytale town of Samarkand – which is described all over the Orient as the ‚Pearl of the Orient‘ and which is over 2750 years old. On the way we will visit the Grave Complex of Imam Al-Buchari in the village Khartang, one of the most famous Hadith collectors of the Islamic world.On the way to the villages we will see how the locals have organized various national sport games for men, such as wrestling; Kupkari (horse or riding games), whilst the women collect in a leisurely circle and sing, dance and tell interesting jokes. nteressante Witze erzählen.On arrival in Samarkand there will be a lunch break and then a visit to one of the visiting cards of Uzbekistan – the famous Registan Square with its three unique Madrasas Ulughbek, Scherdor and Tillya Kori.Also on the program is a visit to the palatial mausoleum Guri-Emir of the ruler Timur (Tamerlan).Today’s included meals are breakfast and dinner (in a Samarkand restaurant in the town center.

6th day: Samarkand – Shakhrisabz – Samarkand (b, d)

Journey to Shakhrisabz with a visit to the ruins of Tamerlan’s Summer Palace «Ak Saray», the mosque Khasrati-Imam and Kok-Gumbas and the Dar-us-Saodat complex. Although Samarkand was the capital of Timur’s empire, Shakhrisabz was his place of birth and therefore had to display the power of the ruler. The ruins of the Summer Palace are still simply monumental and bear witness to the past greatness of Timur’s empire. Continue on to Samarkand, arrival late afternoon.Shakhrisabz is a town citadel, and during Nawruz the town is colorfully decorated with a festive atmosophere everywhere. Tonight we will together cook Sumalak with a family.Today’s included meals are breakfast and dinner (in the home of an Uzbek family).

7th day: Samarkand – Tashkent (b, d)

This morning you will visit the Bibi-Khanim-Mosque, which was once considered to be one of the greatest sacred buildings of the Orient. According to one legend, Tamerlan built the mosque for his beloved wife. Right after visiting the mosque, you will go to the Siyob-Bazaar and try the freshly baked bread. Then you will visit Ulugbeks Observatory, once the greatest research center in Central Asia; Schachi Zinda or «living king» – a grave town where today Timur’s family members are buried. Centuries ago already, Samarkand – «Rome of the Orient» – was a flourishing trade and cultural center. After a break, you will visit a Silk Paper Manufacturer founded by the Master Brothers Muchtarov. Thanks to their efforts, the old tradition of paper manufacture according to Samarkand technology could be revived. It is interesting that the entire operation is carried out manually – guests can watch the production process.Journey in the late afternoon by fast train «Afrosiyob» to Tashkent.Today’s included meals are breakfast and dinner (Farewell Dinner in a town restaurant).

8th day: Tashkent – return flight (b)

After an early breakfast, drive to Tashkent International Airport for your flight home.

b – breakfast, l – lunch, d – dinner, p – picnic

What is included

  • Overnight stay in the requested hotels
  • All meals mentioned in the travel program
  • All the sightseeing and transfer journeys in a vehicle with air conditioning
  • All the excursions and sightseeing listed in the program
  • Admission and other fees
  • Train journey with the fast train
  • 3 traditional dinners at the home of Uzbek families in Samarkand, Buchara und Chiwa
  • Dinner in Buchara in a local restaurant with classical Uzbek music
  • Uzbek Folklore Show in one of the towns of Uzbekistan
  • Farewell dinner in Taschkent

What is not included

  • International flights
  • Inland flights with Uzbekistan Airways
  • Visa for Uzbekistan (about 90 Euro per person)
  • Meals and drinks which are not listed as being included
  • Photo/Video-fees (15-50 Euro)
  • Tip for travel guide and drivers
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance

Number of participant: min. 2, max. 20 person

Appointment 2016/2017: On demand

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