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Christmas in Samarkand

Christmas and New Year are the most popular festivals in Uzbekistan and are always celebrated in the family circle. If you want to experience this day in a very special way, you and your family should spend your holiday with an Uzbek family in Uzbekistan. In this way, you can experience European traditions the Oriental way!

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1 NAWRUZ (Small)

Nawruz – The new year festival of the Orient

The word Nawruz is originally Persian and means «New Day». Nawruz is celebrated all over the Orient on 21 March as the old, traditional Spring – and thus New Year’s – Festival. This Festival was founded by the Iranian ruler Jamschid who declared Zoroastrism as the State religion in Iran and Central Asia. The «Nawruz – the New Year’s Festival of the Orient»-trip takes you to the very old roots of the region which reach far beyond Uzbekistan and represent a profound, old culture – together with much food and drink. You will get to know all this during your trip.

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From the desert oases to the mountain valleys

This tour presents the whole of Uzbekistan from the desert in the west to the valleys in the east. On this trip, you will visit the magical towns of the legendary Silk Road, the ancient fortresses in the desert, the famous «Louvre of the Desert» and the beautiful nature of Central Asia.

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