Long ago (in the 19th century ), expeditions from the north and south ventured out into the unknown and Oriental magic of Central Asia in the ‘grate game’ of the imperial powers – the political game between Britain and Czarist Russia – in order to discover more about the previously unheeded region far from the oceans. But even today for many people from Europe, Central Asia is just a white spot on the map. But the lingua franca of the region – Russian, Uzbek, Tajik – represent insurmountable obstacles for most Europeans. Do you want to concentrate on certain places or certain questions on your journey through Central Asia? Perhaps without a pre-defined plan? DOCA TOURS can advise you and we can plan the route together. Of course, we can also organize the tour and accompany you on your expedition, so you and your group can fulfil your travel objectives and get home again safely.


Amongst the ancient mulberry trees

Uzbekistan, the second largest silk-producing country in the world, could be called mulberry country. There are mulberry trees which are still alive and which are over 2000 years old. Over the course of time, they have experienced very much and could tell many stories. All the conquerors, historians and authors who were travelling in Transoxania wrote about these trees and about their experiences and impressions. It is amazing what qualities this plant and its fruits have, and what the locals use it for. A ‘discovery and invention’ trip along the mulberry tree route. Over 2000 year-old mulberry trees tell beautiful stories of the past.

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