Travelling is education. But travelling can have harmful consequences: Building activity which spoils once beautiful landscapes, mountains of garbage, squandering of water in desert regions, the driving-out of local wildlife. Environmental issues in Central Asia concern not only the Aral Sea, water in general plays an important role, as well as issues regarding grazing and management of dry areas. On DOCA ecotours we try to move around the country in an ecologically responsible way and to look at the typical ecology of the region with the aid of concrete examples and places. Considering our «daily bread», we will ask ourselves where and how the food is grown for this purpose. But all this should not stop us altogether from marvelling at the beauty of the Silk Road.


Adventure trip in Uzbekistan’s nature

About 75 % of the area of Uzbekistan is still unexplored and undiscovered. The nature reserve zones of the country are rich in animals and plants. The desert is alive – also in Uzbekistan. The fertile valleys and the mountains are home to plants, humans and animals. On an ecotour, you will get to know the fauna and flora of Central Asia.

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