The architecture, literature, philosophy, but also the culinary specialties of Uzbek cuisine together with the «Way of Life» give an overall picture of the culture of the country. Throughout its history, Central Asia has absorbed very different cultural influences that are still perceived today through all five senses  (sight, taste, hearing, smell, touch): Chinese influence arrived from the east, Indian, Persian and later Islam influence from the south. And from the north and west via the Russian Empire – modern Central Asia.

Cultural tours on the ground establish a connection to historical dates, facts and legends and put these into a broader cultural context. With DOCA TOURS, you will visit significant sites which bear witness to the cultural history along the Central Asian Silk Road and, with the help of your tour guide, discover its continued existence and role in the everyday lives of the local people.


Along the Great Silk Road

A magical journey to the legendary towns of the ancient Silk Road, such as Samarkand, Buchara, Chiwa, Schachrisabz and Taschkent. On this trip you will discover the admirable beauty of the Islamic architecture of the Orient. You will immerse yourself in the vastness and velvet colors of Central Asia, and enjoy the relaxing and highly enjoyable eating and drinking culture of the region.

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On the Trail of the Caravansaries

On this trip you will discover the wonderful green oases of the Kizilkum Desert. Along the old caravan routes you will visit the forgotten clay fortresses of various bygone empires. But some of the old towns and trading centers are still preserved, with sonorous names such as Chiwa or Buchara, which owe their splendor and significance to the caravans of past eras and to craftwork.

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Colorful Uzbekistan

This is a cultural classic tour combined with yurts and villages. On this trip we give you the opportunity to see and experience everyday life in Uzbekistan. Discover for yourself colourful Uzbekistan – a hospitable country along the Silk Road, where ancient and modern exist harmoniously side by side.

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