In the selection and preparation of meals and how those meals are eaten, the country’s culture is always frank and direct. You eat what you are. Food and eating habits testify to the country, to its history and the present. Whoever «eats» their way through Central Asia, traverses the region and the centuries, without having to be constantly guided by facts and figures. On our culinary travels, a lot of time and love is devoted to regional dishes and their preparation. For this, we always visit places and houses that embrace the local traditional cuisine and can show you the connection between food and lifestyle.


Discovering Uzbekistans cuisine

Uzbekistan’s cuisine is influenced by the Orient and is very varied. Its history can be traced back over many centuries: The constant mix of cultures, the fusion of traditions and cultures along the Great Silk Road and in the heart of Central Asia all helped develop Uzbek cuisine which today has such a variety of typical dishes.


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Traditional cuisine of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan’s cuisine is not spicy hot, but flavorsome and above all hearty. Bread is the staple diet and offers many different types. On your journey “Discovery of the Uzbekistan cuisine”, I would like to lead you into the delicious world of tastes, so that you can experience and admire the fine art of the best Uzbek cuisine.

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