Uzbekistan, located in the heart of Central Asia is an extraordinarily beautiful and magical land which has witnessed sensational eras, glorious victories and cruel wars. Each town, place, district, building and brick is rich in legends and myths.  There are a lot of legendary places in Uzbekistan connected with the history of Great Silk Road. Samarkan`s Afrasiab fortress ruins, where Alexander the Great lost for the only time and saw the defeat by Spitamen. The legendary burial ground Shakhi Zinda is closely associated with the cousin of the prophet Muhammad Kussam ibn Abbas,legends about Bibikhanum mosque dedicated to beloved wife of Temur ( Tamerlan), Sanam Fortress  associated with legends about Mukanna who fought against the Arab conquerors, mausoleums in Khiva telling the stories about protector of athletes, wrestlers  Makhmud Pahlavon, the legendary cave associated prophet David who is considered as blacksmiths protector, Kalon minaret forced to bow the great conqueror Genghis Khan submitted to no one and nothing in his lifetime, the great sacred places associated with the representatives of the Order of Sufism – all these sites in this magical land, encourage visitors to live in harmony with history, forgetting all troubles and joys of life.

In the heart of the Kyzylkum desert the legends about Shirak who made loose the army of Iranian governor Darius I and Tomaris who exterminated the army of another Iranian governor Cyrus II involve travelers to create a sense of love in their heart for this fascinating country.

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