Showing hospitality is one of the qualities of the Uzbek people. The history of the Uzbek people indicates there is a long tradition of this. Every house in Uzbekistan has a room – (mekhmonkhona) – for guests, this Uzbek word means Guest Room – where, according to traditional rules, guests are invited into these mekhmokhonas. In rural areas, when someone comes, all the members of the family meet the guest, even the children who, in accordance with tradition, pour water on the hands of guests so they can wash their hands, thus demonstrating their hospitality and good manners. In Uzbek language there is a proverb ‘The guest is as important as your father’. When there are no guests, the oldest person takes precedence in the middle of the room. When a guest comes, the table is set with bread and tea, and then the famous Uzbek plov is cooked and served at the table. Everywhere in Uzbekistan you will see a special tea ceremony, Uzbeks pour the tea three times and pour it back into the teapot, it is a superstitious custom: when you pour the first time it becomes mud, then oil and after the third time it is tea. When the guest arrives in a horse-drawn cart, the children take the horse to the stable and it is fed and watered. The host always tries to be generous. If a guest is not well received, the oldest person in the house loses face. One wonderful tradition is that the guest of a house is also a guest of the entire neighborhood. So the neighbors also come to visit, and the guest is also invited to their houses. A red carpet may be laid out, and a sheep slaughtered, and the neighbors and the oldest person of the house will be invited. In some places there was a tradition to put Sarpo (national clothes) around the shoulders of the guest at the end. These traditions of warm hospitality have been passed down from one generation to another. The Uzbek people have a proverb: ‘Better to see once than to hear a hundred times.’

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