More than 46 000 inhabitants, of which 34 000 tadjiks.

Rishtan city is a district of the Ferghana region and is the administrative, economic and cultural center. Located in the western part of the Valley on the right bank of the Soghd river. The climate is continental, with an average annual temperature of +13°C. In January the average temperature is -3°C. The lowest temperature is -27°C. In July it is +27°C. The highest temperature is +42 degrees. It is 276 km from Tashkent.

The city’s name was formed from the Sogdian word “Rosh” place on the hill , “Rust”  hidden place, and “Rush” (“Rush”) – red earth (because of the clay hoki surkh having a reddish tone). The name “-mitan” (“-misan”) means “residence”, “house”, “home”, so the name Rishtan can be translated as Red earth house. Before the Mongolian invasion the city was an important part of the Great Silk Road carrying all sorts of goods from Indian spices to Chinese silk. In the 18th century Rishtan was a castle of great military and economic importance. This city of ceramicists was a stopping-place for Chinese, Indian and Russian traders. Ceramic art started to develop around the 10th century. This city is famous for this type of handicraft goods in Central Asian and Middle Eastern markets. High-quality Rishtan ceramics gradually came into European markets. At the World Exhibition in Paris in 1899, the collection of Rishtan ceramics was given an important place among the exhibits made by masters from different countries.

Even today, ceramic pottery is still produced to restore the mosaics of various floral decorations of historical and architectural monuments, whose colors and forms attract the attention of visitors to the town.

Rishtan masters participate regularly in international exhibitions of ceramics.

Nowadays, there are more than 3,000 ceramic artisans in the city, there are 6 schools, 3 vocational colleges, high schools, 2 central stadiums and the House of Culture.

The great Islamic scientist of law Burhanuddin Marghinoniy was born in Rishtan, but spent all his life in Marghilan.