Our travel agency LLC DOCA TOURS was founded by experienced professionals who have been working in tourism for a long time. The name DOCA stands for DISCOVER ORIENTAL CENTRAL ASIA, the main concept of our activities being to show travelers the mysterious world of the East.

The quality of our service is very important at DOCA TOURS. Thanks to excellent collaboration between our team and our partners, we can offer our customers first-class personalized service during their trip.

When you travel with DOCA TOURS, you will learn about the past and the present of oriental Central Asia – the unexplored world between the Near East and Asia, with its spectacular architecture, and the traditions and customs of the people. Discover the fascinating history of the ancient Silk Road, follow the steps of caravans passing through the major cities along this road, and spend an unforgettable trip with DOCA TOURS!


Goals and Philosophy:

For many years we have been cooperating in Central Asia with hotels, transport companies and restaurants. We continue to ensure that the services offered to our guests are pleasurable and reliable. Our philosophy – travelers discovering Uzbekistan are not just our customers, they are our guests.  We want to ensure you have an authentic stay in Uzbekistan and in the other Central Asian countries. Providing a high quality is always at the forefront in the organization of our tourist activities. Our goal – to see you satisfied and happy! Because you are on holiday and should expect your journey along the Silk Road to be an unforgettable experience.


What are your particular interests? Our theme tour itineraries:

We organize exclusive cultural and historical tours:

– Tours along the Great Silk Road, in the footsteps of great conquerors who were in Central Asia

– Religious tours to the monuments of Sufism, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism

– Adventure Tours

– Culinary Tours (traditional Uzbek cuisine)

– Ecological tours (to national reserves)

– Trekking tours (to picturesque mountains).

DOCA TOURS also prepares and organizes travel itineraries according to your individual wishes and interests.


We advise, You book, We travel together with you:

Together with you, we organize your individual tour, alone or in a group. If you so wish, we can accompany you and show you the fascinating culture of the Silk Road and the colorful culture of Central Asian countries.

In our group tours together with like-minded people, you can visit historical sites and immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of lively cities.

Reliability and first-class quality are priorities for DOCA TOURS. Thanks to the excellent collaboration between our team and our partners, thanks to our experience in organizing and carrying out tours, and thanks to excellent local guides with a good knowledge of languages, local culture and local people, we can offer you a unique experience: travel with us to the fairytale and utterly different world of oriental Central Asia – at very affordable prices.


Just contact us:

Travel with DOCA TOURS to the fairytale and utterly different world of the East and the tales from 1001 Nights, and spend unforgettable moments of your life with us!

We will be pleased to offer you first-class service and give you the opportunity to experience Asian hospitality.

Write to us or contact our partners! We look forward to hearing from you!

Your DOCA TOURS team